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The committee has decided to create a new position called "CVCC IT Coordinator".  If you have been looking for a way to get more involved with Cursillo and think this is something you would be interested in, please contact me at or call at (804) 397-0025.

Thank you and DeColores,

Russell Titone


CVCC IT Coordinator


·        Role: Maintains the Central Virginia Cusillo Committee (CVCC) databases that support the Central Virginia Cursillo group.  Will work with vendors as necessary to maintain and upgrade the website(s).  Advises the CVCC on any IT security issues that may arise.


·       Responsibilities

o   Receives updates to candidates and team members following a weekend and inputs same to database and updates of the bulk mail newsletter address file .

o   Advises CVCC on any new technical innovations that may enhance the Cursillo experience or add to a more efficient way of doing things.

o   Acts as a consultant to the Tech Squire/Angel as needed during formation.

o   Generates and provides lists from the database for potential team members and Rectors/Rectoras to the CVCC.

o   Monitors IT costs and advises CVCC, works with the CVCC Treasurer to get any bills paid.

o   Works with the Precursillo Coordinator to create a spreadsheet of candidates and team in the approved format.

o   Receives prayer intentions and posts via the website.

o   Receives and posts announcements via the website.

o   Attends CVCC meetings.


·       Requirements

o   Must be possess more than basic computer skills.  Basic organizational and communication skills as determined by the CVCC Coordinating Committee

o   A Cursillista active and knowledgeable in the Cursillo movement and its purpose.

o   Appointment made by CVCC Coordinating Committee.

o   AV experience a plus

o   This is a three year commitment, candidate may choose to extend their term for an additional three years after their initial term is completed but, is not obligated to do so.



Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  As we anxiously await the time we can resume in-person Ultreyas we are continuing our Zoom Ultreyas.  The Ultreya for May is scheduled for Friday, May 21st.  We need a witness!  We've had some excellent witness's these past few months and I know many people have benefitted from their stories.  Don't underestimate the impact of your story.  There is at least one person who will relate to what you have to say and maybe, just mayby, you may change someone's life.  So if the Holy Spirit is urging you forward, send me an email at

Thank you and DeColores,

Russell Titone


Hi all,


Here's the latest Rooster Review! The May 2021 edition...


If clicking on the link below fails to open the Rooster Review, copy the link on the very bottom and paste it into your browser.  This should take you directly to RR.  I apoligize for the inconvience.  We really are trying to figure out why this isn't working the way it is supposed.

Thank you,

Russell Titone


Rooster Review



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Russell Titone2nd Friday Ultreya
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