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Upcoming Events

Meal support volunteers are needed for the Women's Cursilo Weekend scheduled for October 5-8 at Shalom House.  Shalom House provides the meals, but they need kitchen helpers at each meal time to assist with meal preparation and clean-up. Volunteers are needed for these meals:

Friday Breakfast: 7:00 am (one volunteer needed)

Friday Lunch: 10:30 am (two volunteers needed)

Friday Dinner: 3:30 pm (two volunteers needed)

Saturday Breakfast: 7:00 am (one volunteers needed)

Saturday Lunch: 10:30 am (two volunteers needed)

Saturday Dinner: 3:30 pm (two volunteers needed)

Sunday Breakfast: 7:00 am (one volunteer needed)

Sunday Lunch: 10:30 am (two volunteers needed)

Please e-mail or call Kaitlin Cox to volunteer:

Phone: 804-516-4704



The October edition of the Rooster Review is available on the website at this location:

In this edition we introduce the women's team for the 501st Cursillo weekend within the Diocese of Richmond.  We also introduce the candidates from the men's July weekend.



The funeral for Noelle Loving will be Thursday, the 21st, at 1:00 pm at St. Bridget's.  Family and Friends will be received at the Bliley's Funeral Home lacated at 3801 Augusta Ave, Richmond from 3-5 pm and 7-9 pm on Wednesday the 20th. The obituary should be in Sunday's paper.

Cards may be sent to this address: 2260 Cardiff Way, North Chesterfield, VA 23236. 


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