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Upcoming Events

A new Cursillo application form is now available on the Cursillo website.  Please begin using this new application form immediately and discard all older versions of the form.  

The cost for a Cursillo weekend has not changed, it is still $275.  The deposit required has increased from $50 to $75.  The deposit is required with the submittal of the application.

There are two versions of the application on the website:

1. There is a PDF version that can be printed in then filled-out by hand.

2. There is a Word-Form version that will automatically download to you computer.

If you use MS Word you will be able to fill-out the Word-Form document digitally.


Word file:


PDF file:


Save the date for the Annual Cursillo Epiphany Party

Friday, January 13th 2017, 6:30 pm

St. Gabriel, 8901 Winterpock Rd, Chesterfield, VA 23832

Please Bring a Dish To Share: entree, side dish or dessert

Spouses & family welcome

Contact Ramon Fiol at 804-640-4984 or if you have questions 

The full brochure can be found at this link:


Candidates are needed for the February 23-26, 2017 Men's weekend.  It is only seven weeks until the weekend starts, so please reach-out to potential candidates and get your applications submitted.

Applications are available on the website:

 Word file:


PDF file:

Pope Francis has called every catholic to grow in our faith. Cursillo is the finest way for personal evangelization. Do your friends a favor and invite them to experience the wonderful event of Cursillo.




MARK your calendars for Saturday, 11 February, when we will conduct our annual training session.  We will gather at Epiphany in Room A/B (next to the kitchen area) at 8:30AM and begin the program at 9AM. Please bring your own coffee and a healthy snack to share.  Hope to see you there.

Why conduct training?  We all love Cursillo and know the benefits derived from a weekend.  You share this experience by being a sponsor and serving on team, BUT Cursillo is a METHOD and training provides you with the best tools to sponsor or be on a team.  Ever since Cursillo was introduced to Central Virginia, it has been felt that in order to understand the Cursillo method some type of training was important. 

Even if you have been on a team, you are encouraged to attend.  Those with a few teams will surely learn things and seasoned team members can offer valuable insight during discussions.  Even though each session will cover the same material, this does not preclude you from attending any other sessions to update yourself or to become more knowledgeable in areas you feel you need more understanding and instruction.  The training will be conducted by a panel of three seasoned Cursillistas and will mirror the events of the weekend.  This understanding will help you if you serve on a team and will help you be a better sponsor. 

Is this training a requirement to be on a team?  NO. Will this training get you on a team?  No guarantees. (It is unfortunate that only about 25 men and 25 women can serve on teams each year.  We wish there were more opportunities.) However, the rector(a)s will be told who has been to the training and this has influenced their discernment in the past.



The CVCC has developed a logo for the Cental Virginia Cursillo within the Diocese of Richmond.  
This logo will be a quick way for people to recognize our branding as it will be a graphical display of our identity.  Our intent was to capture the concept of the National Cursillo logo, but to add some flare with a "C" that will depict the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Our new logo can be seen at our website at this link:


Good day every one!  Our Cursillo organization is in need of people that are willing to bring some ACTION to the forefront to provide volunteer support for our Cursillo weekends.  This is a great opportunity to use your artistic talents to bless candidates with your gift of Palanca.  

We have one couple that produces bible covers for our Cursillo weekends.  Unfortunately, their schedule doesn’t permit them to make covers for every weekend.  Ideally we would like to have at least one additional couple or small group to produce bible covers for the candidates. 

There are four Cursillo weekends a year.  If you would be willing to help with making bible covers for one or more of our weekends please contact Dan Martin, 804-739-8095,



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