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The CVCC is looking for a Precursillo Coordinator.  We are anticipating being able to startup weekends sometime in the not too distant future and need this position filled.  You can access the position description via the link below.  As the position description states this is a three year commitment.  If you think this is something you would be interested in or would like more information, contact me at or contact any current member of the CVCC.

Thank you and DeColores,

Russell Titone


CVCC Precursillo Coordinator rev 03/21

 Role: Coordinates the efforts between the individual parish Cursillo contacts and 

the committee to identify and recruit new candidates. Works with the 

committee to identify parishes that have low participation in Cursillo and develop 

strategies for increasing participation. The Precursillo Coordinator further 

ensures that proper procedures are in place to insure a smooth transition from 

the Precursillo to the Postcursillo (by way of the weekend.) Manages Cursillo 

applications, candidate enrollment and instructs Sponsors regarding duties and 

responsibilities to their candidate.

 Responsibilities 

o Receives and reviews Cursillo applications. 

o Monitors number of candidates for upcoming Cursillo weekends. 

o Collects deposits and payments from candidates or their sponsors, prior to the date of 

the scheduled Cursillo weekend. Surrenders funds to CVCC Treasurer. 

o Records deposits and secures a space for the candidate on the scheduled Cursillo 


o Maintains communication with sponsors, acknowledging payments, reminding them of 

their responsibilities to their candidate, and proper mental and spiritual preparation 

for Weekend expectations. Advise sponsors of their duties regarding special needs if 

any. Alerts teams of relevant issues which might affect the Weekend or which they 

need to prepare, as mentioned above. 

o At the Thursday gathering of a Cursillo weekend, the tuition balance due (if any) by 

candidates is collected from sponsers, tallieded, and surrendered to the CVCC 


o Advises and seeks guidance from CVCC on policy regarding any unusual issues which 

appear on applications regarding candidate eligibility for the Weekend, for example; 

 Health 

 Dietary 

 Spiritual 

 Mental/Emotional 

 financial o Conducts the Sponsors meeting held at the beginning of the Cursillo weekends. 

(sample format provided) 

 Introduction of Sponsors 

 Explains role of Sponsor 

 Provides instructions to Sponsors 

 Praying over crosses and Rosaries 

o Working with each team to create a spreadsheet of candidates and team in the 

approved format and forwards to the CVCC Coordinating Committee shortly after the 

completion of the weekend to be used to update the master database and the update 

of the bulk mail newsletter address file (this should be coordinated with the 

Rector/Rectora as necessary). 

o Works with the parish Cursillo contacts and clergy to provide publicity about Cursillo to 

stimulate awareness of Cursillo and its benefits. 

o Works with the Coordinating Committee, sponsors and if necessary, with candidates to 

provide a public face to the Cursillo movement. 

o Attends CVCC meetings. 

 Requirements 

o Basic organizational and communication skills as determined by the CVCC Coordinating 


o A Cursillista active and knowledgeable in the Cursillo movement and its purpose. 

o Appointment made by CVCC Coordinating Committee. 

o This is a three year commitment, candidate may choose to extend their term for an 

additional three years after their initial term is completed but, is not obligated to do 



We would like to welcome Kaitlin Cox as the newest member to the CVCC.  Kaitlin has accepted the position of PreCursillo Coordinator.  We all are looking forward to working with her as we gradually emerge from this pandemic and hopefully in the not too distant future can resume having Weekends.  Please join us in welcoming Kaitlin.

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