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Upcoming Events

Please pray for the next women's formation team; they began their four-month formation journey on January 22. 

Formation Team
Chris Brophy St. Richard, Emporia
Marsha Fiol              St. Joseph, Petersburg
Paula Flynn St. John Neumann, Powahatan
Donna Greene Epiphany
Pam Harris Holy Rosary
Mary Ellen Lowder Sacred Heart, PG
Janet Potter (Rectora) Sacred Heart, PG
Barbara Schaedel St. Garbiel
Luz Rayel-Straub Sacred Heart, PG
Erin Teger Church of the Redeemer
Jerrilyn Ward St. Elizabeth Anne Seaton
Angela Wisler St. Ann, Ashland
Spiritual Directors
Dcn. Christopher Colville Church of the Redeemer
Paula Schnurman Epiphany
Debbie Simpson              St. Mary of the Annunciation



We now have 12 candidates (applications received) for the February 23-26, 2017 Men's weekend.

The theme for the weekend: Called to Community in Christ.

Here is the list of the candidates:

Name Parish Sponsor
Lepp, James St Mary of the Annunciation David & Joanne Biddulph
Amaram, Don St. Joseph Dan Dumoucelle
Brim, Pat St Mary of the Annunciation Scott T. Kittle
Rubin, Bill Church of the Epiphany Roger Gorey
Lucas, Ron Church of the Epiphany Nick Vidonic
Stage, Jim St. John Neumann H, Burnett Lewis
Turcic, George St Mary of the Annunciation Nathan LaMontagne
Rusnak, Raymond St. Joseph Scott Fisher
Wanamaker, Mike St. Gabriels Jerri Pat MacPherson
Hollier, Floyd St Michaels Bill Carroll
Morris, Paul St. Joseph's Len Conway
Rusz, Aaron Church of the Epiphany Rick Bonini

Please keep the candidates and the team members in your prayers as they begin their weekend this Thursday.



The February edition of the Rooster Review is available on the website:




Sunday February 26, St Ann’s, Ashland, 4:00 pm

Setup 3:30 PM

Cleanup 6:00 PM




We need help with cleanup after closing which begins around 6:00 PM.

Re-set the room -  remove the posters -  wipe the tables - get rid of food

Russ - if you can help




Take I-95 North to the Route 54 (Ashland – Hanover exit 92) exit towards Ashland . Continue through Ashland’s 3 stoplights and busy metropolitan area until you cross the railroad tracks. Bear right at the railroad tracks and continue for 2 streets on the left. The second street on the left is Snead street, turn left and the church is on the left hand side about 50 yards down the road. Lost? call Russ 564-1902.


Address of the church 105 S. Snead St, Ashland, VA


CVCC Committee Contact List
Contact Title Email
Mary AttanasioNewsletter
Paul AttanasioNewsletter
Brady BeveridgeMember at
Clay BeveridgeMember at
Kathy Cook4th Day
Scott FisherSacred Heart Hotel
Judith Goodman2nd Friday Ultreya
Robert GrubbsNewsletter
Janet Hasenfus Emmaus
Kathy HautSpiritual Director
Steve HautCVCC Spiritual
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russell wislerWeekend Closing