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Upcoming Events

Here is the revised list of candidates for the Women's 485th Cursillo Weekend.  The theme for the weekend: Be Christ's Light:


Name Parish Sponsor
Valery Bates Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Gigi Curtin and Charles Williams
Cox, Carrie Epiphany Cindy & Bill Timberman
Culleton, Cathy Epiphany Dan Martin 
Summer Davis Holy Rosary Ethelyn Parker and Charmaine Tennyson
Denzler, Debbie St. Gabriel                       Colleen Robinson
Hawkes, Maria Sacred Heart, Perry Street Gigi & Steve Curtin
Jacob, Laura St. Ann, Colonial Heights Melissa Pakurar
Johnson, Darlene St. Augustine Janet Hasenfus
Ornelas, Ofelia Epiphany Gigi & Stephen Curtin
Parker, Kim Holy Rosary Candy Parker and Pam Harris
Schinabeck, Karen St Theresa, Farmville Karel Bailey
Snyder, Diane Epiphany Maryetta Grabowski
Turner, (Debbie Church of the Redeemer Lisa Rider
Worsham, Jacky Holy Rosary Gail Robinson & Diane Billups
CVCC Committee Contact List
Contact Title Email
Mary AttanasioMember at
Paul AttanasioMember at
Jack BrunoWebsite
Kathy Cook4th Day
Scott FisherSacred Heart Hotel
Judith Goodman2nd Friday Ultreya
Robert GrubbsNewsletter
Janet Hasenfus Emmaus
Kathy HautSpiritual Director
Steve HautCVCC Spiritual
Ellen Herod4th Friday Ultreya
Mary MartinNewsletter
Janet PotterPrecursillo
Deacon Robert
Cathy ValleGeneral Palanca
russell wislerWeekend Closing