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Announcing the Team for the February 20-23, 2020 Women’s Weekend at the Shalom House.


Becky Scalone

St. Paul’s

Carolyn Clark

St. Mary's, Ladysmith

Deborah Wilmoth

St. Augustine

Ellen Herrod

St. Ann’s, Colonial Heights

Gigi Curtin (Rectora)

The Cathedral

Jane Walsh

St. Mary's, Ladysmith

Joanne Biddulph

St. Mary's, Ladysmith

Kaitlin Cox

St. James, Hopewell

Kim Curtis

St. James, Hopewell

Kitt Finley Parker

St. Paul’s

Tina Sebak

St. Mary’s, Ladysmith

Valery Bates

The Cathedral




Spiritual Direction


Deacon Christopher Coville

Church of the Redeemer

Scott & Twink Fisher

St. Joseph, Petersburg

Paula Flynn

St. John Neumann







Now that the busyness of holidays is behind us, let each of us help fill the upcoming Women's Cursillo Weekend with candidates. The weekend is scheduled for February 20-23 at Shalom House and needs candidates!   All cursillistas are encouraged to actively engage in sponsorship. If you are not an active Cursillista, but know of a possible candidate, please work sponsorship with another Cursillista who is active. Co-sponsorship is always a great option and helps with getting the candidate to ultreyas and other events. Carpooling is encouraged. Life gets busy for all of us. But remember that in Cursillo we always welcome back those who fall away from attending ultreyas. We try to help individuals find a prayer group and work with those candidates who need financial assistance. Please allow no reason to deter a potential candidate from the benefit of a Cursillo weekend and an awesome 4th Day in God's love.



We are looking for the Brown Cursillo Manuals which we issue to each Team for their formation process.

Our current two teams, February and April, are having to share manuals as we no longer have enough for each team. Additionally, these manuals are no longer available for purchase of replacements.

We are asking those who may have a Brown Manual that belongs to the CVCC to return them as soon as possible so our Teams in formation can have the advantage of the best resourses available.

If you are able to give them to a CVCC member before our nest meeting on January 12, 2020, it would be awesome. If not bring them to an Ultreya or contact Galen W or Janet Potter and we will make arrangements to get them from you.

Thank You for your support.-

Galen W Potter





Roger Marling of Midlothian peacefully passed away January 12, 2020 after a brief illness.  

Roger was an active members of Epiphany and he made his Cursillo weekend in September of 2001.

Services will be held Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at Church of the Epiphany in Smoketree.  Visitation will be at 1:00 PM and the service will be at 2:00 PM with a reception following in the church commons.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to FeedMore or St. Jude’s Hospital in his name.


Announcing the Team for the April 2020 Men's Weekend!!


April 23-26, 2020 --- WALK WITH CHRIST
NAME Parish Role
Conron, Brendan Saint Michael TMAT
Curtin, Stephen Cathedral Rector
D'Aguanno, Ray St. John Neumann TMAT
Hanrahan, Mike Saint Bridget TMAT
Hayes, Tom Saint Edward  
Klingman, Ellen Saint James Spiritual Director
Klingman, Joe Saint James Spiritual Director
Laws, Michael Cathedral TMAT
Marino, Rich Saint Augustine Head Squire
McCaffrey, Dan Saint Ann (Ashland)  
Mercadante, Andy Epiphany Liturgy Lead
Petro, Paul Sacred Heart (Pr. George)  
Scalone, Joe Saint Paul Assistant Rector
Snyder, Mike Epiphany  
Valle, Deacon Victor Epiphany Spiritual Director
Vidonic, Nick Epiphany Spiritual Director



CVCC Committee Contact List
Contact Title Email
Patricia AllenSupplies/Closet
Thomas AllenSupplies/Closet
Mary AttanasioNewsletter
Paul AttanasioNewsletter
Kathy Cook4th Day
Ramon Fiol2nd Friday Ultreya
Scott FisherSacred Heart Hotel
Robert GrubbsNewsletter
Janet Hasenfus Emmaus
Kathy HautSpiritual Director
Steve HautCVCC Spiritual
Ellen HerodPrecursillo
Daniel MartinMember at
Joel NuckolsMember at
Galen W
Deacon Robert StraubMember at
Cathy ValleGeneral Palanca
russell wislerWeekend Closing