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On March 22nd, 1998, a group of 26 men completed the 299th Men's Cursillo of Richmond. That weekend, as we all have experienced for ourselves, changed many lives.  Through the presence of the Holy Spirit and dedication, prayers, and gifts of the team, sponsors, and Cursillo Community, many people were forever changed. But this is true for every weekend!  

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of that weekend, I am inviting those involved with that weekend (candidates, team, sponsors, and their spouses) to the Ultreya at St Mary of the Annunciation in Ladysmith, March 23rd, 2018.  

Plans include Mass, meal, and an opportunity to attend Stations of the Cross before the regular scheduled Ultreya at 7:30.  Hopefully, the Ultreya itself will feature participants from that weekend serving as Witness, Spiritual Direction, and musicians.  

While this is 3 months away, I would ask those from that weekend, candidates,  team, and sponsors, to please let me know you received this.  A final agenda with times will be provided in January.  

In these 20 years, while many of us continue to serve in our Fourth Day, several of our beloved brothers have passed.  Please let me know of those departed souls so we can recognize them and keep them in our prayers.  


Frank Leaming

Table of St John

Abbey in Richmond 

March 1998


Announcing, with great joy, the women's formation team for the May 17-20 weekend that will be held at Shalom House.  The team formation process begins on February 10th.  Please keep the team in your prayers.


Formation Team
Name Church
Carolyn Clarke (Rectora) St. Mary of the Annunciation
Lisa Aberle St. Edward the Confessor
Robin Bandino St. Paul
Peggy Beningo St. Mary of the Annunciation
Brady Beveridge Epiphany
Sue Brim St. Mary of the Annunciation
Neilann Brown St. John Highland Springs
Theresa Cammarata St. Paul
Kaitlin Cox Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
Gigi Curtain Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
Penny Geary St. Mary of the Annunciation
Candy Parker Holy Rosary
Trisha Potter St. Michael
Tina Sebak St. Mary of the Annunciation
Valerie Sparks St. Mary of the Annunciation
Spiritual Direction Team
Name Church
Fr. David Stanfill Holy Rosary
Jane Walsh St. Ann, Ashland
Mike Walsh St. Ann, Ashland

With much sadness we wish to inform the Cursillo Community of the passing of Dick Schaefer.  Dick made his weekend in February of 1999 and has been an active member of the Friday Morning prayer group at Epiphany ever since.  Dick had a wonderful sense of humor and deep love for Christ and all his brothers and sisters in Christ.  For the past few years he has struggled heroically with COPD.

Please keep his wife, Anna, and all their family in your prayers.  No arrangements have yet been made.

CVCC Committee Contact List
Contact Title Email
Mary AttanasioNewsletter
Paul AttanasioNewsletter
Kathy Cook4th Day
Ramon Fiol2nd Friday Ultreya
Scott FisherSacred Heart Hotel
Robert GrubbsNewsletter
Janet Hasenfus Emmaus
Kathy HautSpiritual Director
Steve HautCVCC Spiritual
Ellen Herod4th Friday Ultreya
Mary MartinMember at
Joel NuckolsMember at
Janet PotterPrecursillo
Deacon Robert
Cathy ValleGeneral Palanca
russell wislerWeekend Closing