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Upcoming Events

Good day every one!  Our Cursillo organization is in need of people that are willing to bring some ACTION to the forefront to provide volunteer support for our Cursillo weekends.  This is a great opportunity to use your artistic talents to bless team members and candidates with your gift of Palanca.  There are three areas where you can offer support:

Badges - We are looking for at least one other person or team of people to create badges for a weekend event.  There are four Cursillo weekends each year.  The goal is to ensure that no one has to produce badges for more than two weekends each year.

Banner - We have one couple that produces most of the banners for the weekends.  Ideally we would like to have two additional teams of people that will produce the banner for the weekends.

Crosses - We have a team of three men that produce the crosses for the weekends.  We would like to have one other team to alternate with the current team in producing the crosses.  Since the crosses are not a unique design for each weekend they can be produced in large quantities and stored for when they are needed.

Please contact Dan Martin if you want to volunteer




Hello Again!   A few more volunteers are still needed for meal support for the Men’s Weekend scheduled for 18-21 February at Shalom House.

We need one more person for help with Saturday dinner (arrive 4pm) and two people for lunch on Sunday (arrive 10:30).  

Please contact Kaitlin Cox at:

Phone: (804) 883-6149


This is an update to the list of candidates that are on the upcoming Men’s weekend that begins on Thursday, 2/18.  We now have 13 candidates.  A list of team members is also provided.

Note: There have been a few typos.  Candidate Brendan Conron first name was misspelled.  Team Member Steve Szewczyk last name was misspelled in the Rooster Review.

Here are the names of the candidates: 

Candidate Parish Sponsor
Steve Alexander St. Paul Joe Scalone
Kevin Bera St Mary of the Annunciation Dave and Penny Geary
Bill Byrnes St. Augustine Rich Marino
Robert Colon Epiphany Victor Valle & Mercadante Andy
Brendan Conron St. Bridget Katy Thompson
Scott Cottrell St. Stephen Martyr Jack Bruno
Steve  Gajdos St Mary of the Annunciation Frank Leaming
Tim Horton St. Edward Jim Hayes
Christopher Metzger St. Elizabeth Rich & Stephanie  Robertson
Carmine Romano St Mary of the Annunciation Frank Learning
Ben Scafidi St. Edwards Jim Hayes
Richard Schmidt Epiphany Steve Haut & Dan Martin
Michael Snyder Epiphany Arthur Mendez


Here are the names of the team members:


Name Role - Talk Church
Joel Nuckols Rector St Mary
Fr. Jay Biber Spiritual Director St. Mary of the Annunciation
Maryetta Grabowski Spiritual Director Epiphany
Andy Mercadante Spiritual Director Epiphany
JJ Blum TMAT - Study of Environment St. Gabriel
Steve Brophy TMAT - Christianity in Action Sacred Heart, New Bohemia
Steve Curtin Squire - Piety Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
Nick Griguts Squire - Ideal Epiphany
Tom Hayes TMAT/Tech Squire - Leaders Sacred Heart, Richmond
Joey Klingman Liturgy - Study St. James
Mark Law Liturgy - Action St. Michael
Rich Marino Squire/Liturgy - Ultreya St. Augustine
Johnny Ortiz Squire/Liturgy - Group Reunion St. Augustine
Richard Robertson Head Squire Sacred Heart, Richmond
Joe Scalone Asst Rector/Head of Liturgy St. Paul
Steve Szewczyk Squire - Laity Our Lady of Lourdes



CVCC Committee Contact List
Contact Title Email
Janet Hasenfus
Deacon Robert