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Greetings Central Virginia Cursillo Community,


As many of you already know, we will be holding our October Men’s Weekend at Saint John’s in Dinwiddie County. This will be our first opportunity to utilize this wonderful facility, and we are looking forward to a very successful weekend.


We plan to conduct this weekend much in the same manner as we do the weekends we hold at Church of the Sacred Heart in Prince George. To do this, we will need similar support from the community, to include a meal coordinator, set-up and clean-up teams, hotel coordinator, transportation coordinator, and Church liaison.


Scott Fisher is our current hotel coordinator and has graciously taken on this task for the upcoming October weekend. Janet and Galen W Potter will act as the Church Liaisons for this first weekend.


A transportation coordinator will be necessary if the bus we utilize for Church of the Sacred Heart is not available.


A Meal Coordinator is our most critical need. Mary Langford is our coordinator for weekends at Church of the Sacred Heart and will share her knowledge, wisdom, and contacts with those who feel called to this Palanca.


As for set-up and clean-up, we ask that the community volunteer by responding to the designated individual in the email announcing the closing time.


Please prayerfully consider volunteering your talents in one of these areas as we step out in faith on this new adventure.


We ask that if you are interested in any of these opportunities that you email or call Janet or Galen W. Potter at, Janet @ 804-943-3139, or Galen W @ 804-721-1364.




CVCC Chairpersons






Announcing the Team for the February 20-23, 2020 Women’s Weekend at the Shalom House.


Becky Scalone

St. Paul’s

Carolyn Clark

St. Mary's, Ladysmith

Deborah Wilmoth

St. Augustine

Ellen Herrod

St. Ann’s, Colonial Heights

Gigi Curtin (Rectora)

The Cathedral

Jane Walsh

St. Mary's, Ladysmith

Joanne Biddulph

St. Mary's, Ladysmith

Kaitlin Cox

St. James, Hopewell

Kim Curtis

St. James, Hopewell

Kitt Finley Parker

St. Paul’s

Tina Sebak

St. Mary’s, Ladysmith

Valery Bates

The Cathedral




Spiritual Direction


Deacon Christopher Coville

Church of the Redeemer

Scott & Twink Fisher

St. Joseph, Petersburg

Paula Flynn

St. John Neumann






Here is the final list for the upcoming Men's weekend.



Goes By: Last Parish sponsor
Danny  Danny  Belcher St. Augustine Tom McElwee
Osayimwense Osa Osa St. Joseph Ramon Fiol
James Jim Morrow St. Gabriel Rob Grubbs
James Jim  Long St Paul's Joe Scalone
Christopher Chris Carey St. Gabriel Steve Haddon
Michael Mike Hadank St. Gabriel Steve Haddon
Dave Dave Schweiger St. Ann Ash Steve Turner
Steve Steve Czenczek Epiphany Dave LaRue
Andrew  Andrew Fortune St Benedict Tom Hayes
William Bill Prescott Sacred Heart Joey Langord




Come Holy Spirit


As we begin this new adventure at Saint John’s in Dinwiddie County, we would like to reiterate some of the procedures and actions of the community during the weekend.


In keeping with the intent of an authentic Cursillo weekend, as outlined by the National Cursillo Movement*, it is our responsibility to provide the Team and Candidates with the best experience possible. The only times that the community should be visible to the Team and Candidates is a showing of support at the Opening, Mananita, and Closing.


OPENING: Please attend the opening if possible. This time should be open and inviting to the candidates as they are meeting the team, other candidates, and the community. The candidates may be nervous or apprehensive as they begin their weekend, and we should keep the mood light and inviting. We should avoid being overly excited and keep physical contact with the candidates and our fellow Cursillistas to a minimum.


COOK TEAM PALANCA: Guidance for Cook Teams and assistance on Cursillo Weekends. It is in the community’s support of providing meals on our weekends at Church of the Sacred Heart and St. John’s that we are able to hold the cost of a weekend at the current cost.


Remember that this is an act of love and support and should be done without recognition or reward. We are not there to judge the candidates’ ability to sing for their supper. As we prepare the meal, we are to enter the hall quietly and as inconspicuously as possible, keeping the noise in the kitchen to a minimum. We must go about our tasks as best we can without distracting the team or candidates. Once the serving line is set and ready, the cook team will step back and allow the candidates and team to serve themselves. Once they finish, the cook team may partake but will eat in the kitchen away from the team and candidates. Once they have completed their meal and moved out of the dining area, the cook team will clean up and reset the kitchen and dining area for the next meal. There will be no introductions, judging of singing or contact. If the meal needs any explanation, one of the cook team members will pass on the information to a designated team member for presentation to the candidates and team prior to the meal.


AGAPE: The Agape is a gift from the community, and the set up should invisible to the team and candidates.


MANANITA: As many of you know, the Mananita has been reinstated by National as long as it is keeping with the guidelines. Two important aspects of this are no costumes and no contact! As we gather for the Mananita, please be on time in case the candidates arrive ahead of schedule. The team will have the song sheet for us; please return them as you depart. Bring flowers for the candidates. The flowers are handed to a team member who will pass them on to a candidate. It is usually the sponsor or family member who brings flowers intended for their candidate. In the excitement of the Mananita, this may not always be possible, so do not be upset if your flowers end up with another candidate. At Church of the Sacred Heart and St. John’s, the candidates will normally be arriving on the bus and will not be allowed to exit the bus during the Mananita. As the community finishes the second song, we will begin to fade away and depart, allowing the bus to move to the entrance of the hall.


At the Shalom House, the candidates will remain on the deck of the lodge and the community will remain on the sidewalk. As the community comes to the end of the second song, we will begin to move away from the lodge and return to the parking area.




ARRIVAL: The community needs to arrive and be seated no later than 3:45 as to not interfere with the movement of the candidates and team to the closing.


FLOWERS: The community is encouraged to bring flowers to be given to the candidates as they enter the closing ceremony. It is usually the sponsor or family member who brings flowers intended for their candidate. In the excitement of the entrance, this may not always be possible, so do not be upset if your flowers end up with another candidate. Additionally, during the entrance, the team members are to gather the flowers and share them among the candidates as evenly as possible, we do not want one candidate with a bushel and one with a stem.


STANDING AT CLOSING: There seems to be some confusion about when to and when not to stand at Closing. The community should only stand and clap when the candidate/babe chick gets up to go to the podium. The community should not stand when the babe chick finishes his/her remarks. The reason for this is that the community wants to encourage and affirm the act of getting up. If the community stands at the end, then it spills over into the next babe chick getting up, and he/she does not get the full effect of the affirmation. So the community should stand when each babe chick approaches the podium and stay seated at the completion of the remarks (still applaud, but remain seated until the next babe chick stands), so they can re-stand when the next babe chick approaches the podium. This may seem like splitting hairs, but the goal is to give each babe chick a separate taste of the full community applause.




*For some, this may seem redundant or unnecessary. But as the Steering Committee for Central Virginia, we are attempting to follow the guidance from Region 2 and National as the Nation works to bring our weekends in line with the vision of Eduardo Bonnin, the founder of the Cursillo Movement.








Invitation to All Cursillistas




What:              MANANITA (song sheets provided)


Where:            Saint John Nepomucene, 7310 Squirrel Leve Road,


North Dinwiddie (Petersburg), 23805 (use zipcode in GPS for best direstions)


When:             Arrive Sunday Morning, October 13, no later than 7:10 AM


Parking:         Park in the lot in front of the hall or on the grassy area to the right of the church.  


Instructions:  Songsters should exit their vehicles and gather as the bus arrives. The bus will enter the parking lot from enterence near the church and stop in the parking lot away from the hall entrance. The candidates will not be exiting the bus until after the Mananita. Remember that the idea is to serenade the candidates, but no actual contact is allowed and no costumes.  The team members will be glad to help by handing the candidates on the bus any flowers brought by the community. Once the Mananita and the DeColores songs are sung, the awesome Community will depart, and candidates will proceed to the witness room and come back together again at the Closing.


De Colores!






Come Holy Spirit….


 “Be The One”


On behalf of the Team, Candidates, and CVCC, we would like to thank the Cursillo Community for their support and participation in the October Men’s Weekend held at St. John’s in Dinwiddie.   


We had a good turnout for the opening on Thursday evening, a small but enthusiastic crowd for the Mananita and awesome attendance for the closing on Sunday.


A special thanks to Dan Duhan for all of his hard work and time in coordinating and ensuring that all meals were covered and on time, allowing the weekend to stay on schedule.


Below is a thank you to all the meal teams from Dan:


Like the cured Samaritan leper who was “the one who returned” we too give thanks to God for you and your meal preparation teams in support of the Men’s Cursillo Weekend, Oct 10-13, 2019 at St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church. The team and candidates moved through the buffet line with their plates overflowing at each serving time. Each meal was a tasty reward for the hard work done on the full schedule. The variety of menus included egg casserole, French toast, bacon & sausage at breakfasts, hoagies, various soups & sandwiches at lunches, and lasagna, pasta puttanesca, tilapia, crab crostini, and cannoli at dinners. At the closing ceremony, a loving Cursillo Community also returned to give thanks to the Lord, hear from the new babe-chicks, and provide food and drinks for the buffet tables.


Dan Duhan, Meal Coordinator, St Joseph, Petersburg




As we all know, it is the support of the Cursillo Community (it takes a village) that makes our weekends successful and the challenges transparent to the candidates. A special thank you to the Agape Team, Supply Closet Coordinators, and those who helped set up and clean up for the closing. We had plenty of help to set up for the closing, as many arrived early because the drive was much shorter than anticipated. There were several comments that St. John’s is closer for them than the Shalom House or St. Ann’s in Ashland.




A special thank you to Father Joe Goldsmith, Patsy Root, and St. John’s community for allowing us to utilize their facility. The space in the hall worked well for the conduct of the various activities of the weekend, and not having to reset the witness area for meals was a bonus for the team.



CVCC Chairpersons



Gigi Curtin  wants to thank everyone for their prayers for her Mom. The prayers worked and the doctors saw remarkable improvements yesterday and she was discharged from the hospital last night. 

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