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Upcoming Events

Here is the Team for the Men's July 20-23 Weekend.  Please keep them in your prayers as they begin their four-month formation journey on April 2nd.

Formation Team:



Pat Biase

St. Gabriel

Steve Curtain

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Tim Evans

St. Gabriel

Ramon Fiol

St. Joseph

Tim Horton

St. Edward

Walter Jones

Holy Rosary

Dan Martin (Rector)


Joel Nuckols

St. Mary

Bruce Robinson

St. Gabriel

Peter Schneeberger

St. Edward

Mike Snyder Sr.


Russ Wisler

St. Ann, Ashland


Spiritual Direction Team:



Jerry Hancock

St. James

Mary Martin


Deacon David Nemetz

St. Michael


It is springtime and support volunteers are needed at Shalom House to help with both exterior cleanup (clear paths) and kitchen support.  In the coming weeks there are lots of events scheduled with limited volunteers.  

All volunteer hours donated by Cursillistas are given credit to our organization in helping to reduce the costs associated with Cursillo events conducted at Shalom House.

Please e-mail or call Kaitlin Cox to volunteer:

Phone: 804-883-6149 



Fr. Jay Biber will be leaving the pastoral ministry here at St. Mary of the Annunciation and heading out to Lexington in the Shenandoah Valley. He will be offering catholic campus ministry, working with diocesan leadership, to some of the smaller colleges up and down the valley which don't have any regular campus ministry. 

St. Mary of the Annunciation will celebrate his 'retirement' with a party the afternoon of Pentecost Sunday, June 4, from 4 - 7pm. We will begin with a Patriotic Rosary at 4:00 and serve food about 5:00.  There will be music and games for the children.  Please RSVP to Deacon Frank Leaming by May 30th if you plan to attend.

We are going to create a scrapbook for Fr. Biber.  Please bring notes or pictures that you would like included in the scrapbook.

Thanks and DeColores

Frank Leaming

Home: 804-448-5566

Cell: 804-761-5714




This time with the Spiritual Directors included in the list.

Announcing, with great joy, the Women's formation team for the October 5-8 weekend that will be held at Shalom House.  Please keep these women in your prayers:

Patti Allen, Archangel - St. James

Kathy Cook - St. Mary

Carrie Cox - Epiphany

Kimm Curtis - St. James

Dolores Groat, Rectora - Epiphany

Pat Holtz - Epiphany

Grace Marino - St. Augustine

Donna Mitchell, Assistant Rectora - St. Edwards

Vera Mulherin - St. Edwards

Becky Scalone - St. Paul

Cena Smith, Head of Liturgy - St. Edwards

Cindy Timberman - Epiphany

Eydie Triplett - St. Edwards


Spiritual Directors

Kathy and Deacon Steve Haut

Twink and Scott and Fisher



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