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Announcing the Team for the April 2020 Men's Weekend!!


April 23-26, 2020 --- WALK WITH CHRIST
NAME Parish Role
Conron, Brendan Saint Michael TMAT
Curtin, Stephen Cathedral Rector
D'Aguanno, Ray St. John Neumann TMAT
Hanrahan, Mike Saint Bridget TMAT
Hayes, Tom Saint Edward  
Klingman, Ellen Saint James Spiritual Director
Klingman, Joe Saint James Spiritual Director
Laws, Michael Cathedral TMAT
Marino, Rich Saint Augustine Head Squire
McCaffrey, Dan Saint Ann (Ashland)  
Mercadante, Andy Epiphany Liturgy Lead
Petro, Paul Sacred Heart (Pr. George)  
Scalone, Joe Saint Paul Assistant Rector
Snyder, Mike Epiphany  
Valle, Deacon Victor Epiphany Spiritual Director
Vidonic, Nick Epiphany Spiritual Director





Don't Forget





Sunday, February 23, St Ann’s, Ashland, 3:30 pm


Setup 3:30 PM

 Cleanup 6:30 PM






We need help with cleanup after closing, which begins around 6:30 PM.


Re-set the room -  remove the posters -  wipe the tables - get rid of food


Russ Wisler - or Steve Turner – if you can help


Directions to St Ann’s Church, Ashland, VA:


Take I-95 North to the Route 54 (Ashland – Hanover exit 92) exit towards Ashland . Continue through Ashland’s 3 stoplights and busy metropolitan area until you cross the railroad tracks. Bear right at the railroad tracks and continue for 2 streets on the left. The second street on the left is Snead street, turn left and the church is on the left hand side about 50 yards down the road. Lost? call Russ 564-1902.


Address of the church 105 S. Snead St, Ashland, VA









































As you know, this Saturday is the Agape dinner, and if anyone from the community wants to participate, they can either show up out there or reach out to me. Participants should arrive at the Shalom House by 6:30 pm and gather below the main house and wait for guidance from the Agape Coordinator. I have attached a list that Roberta Martin provided, which has suggested food items on the bottom.  If they want to indicate what food items they will be providing, I will maintain a list, so we have a good variety of food. 





As we all know, the Agape on Saturday evening is an exciting and important part of the weekend for the candidates. For those who have been on at least one team, you have witnessed variations in not only how the Agape is conducted but also the content of the food and decore.

The guidance from the National Cursillo Movement is to “Keep it Simple,” and that is the desire and guidance from the Secretariat and CVCC. The intent of the Agape is to provide an opportunity for the Candidates and the Team to relax and share God’s Love through fellowship and light refreshments in a relaxed and open atmosphere. All have just spent three busy and sometimes overwhelming days learning more about who they are, who Christ is, and what their relationship with Him can be after the weekend. The Agape is an opportunity for the Candidates to share with one another and the Team members how they are feeling and any challenges they may have encountered.  

Remember to keep it simple. If it takes the Team more than 20-30 minutes to clean up and reset the witness room, it is too much. Please let Steve know if you are willing to help and what food you are providing ASAP.



AGAPE HELP: Feb 22, 2020, Approx 6:30 pm












































·        Sparkling cider- 6 bottles


·        ICE- 8 lb bag


·        Fruit trays 1 large or 2 small


·        Vegetable trays – 1 large or 2 small


·        Cheeses tray- mixture or cubes


·        Ranch dressing


·        Ham biscuits


·        Chicken salad/


·        Pimento cheese/other cheese dip /crackers


·        Gluten-free crackers


·        Artichoke dip


·        Meatballs in a chafing dish


·        Pinwheel sandwiches


·        Shrimp  (2-3 pounds) and cocktail sauce


·        Brownie bites &  Desserts    (4-5 types)






Greetings!   This note is to inform you that we will be celebrating a Mañanita event during the Women’s Weekend.


If you would like to participate, please be at Shalom House by no later than 6:45 am on Sunday, 23 February.  The address is 15340 Robert Terrell Road, Montpelier, VA 23192. 


Parking is in the field below the main house, on the left side of the entrance road.  We will gather on the deck next to the witness room (left-side of the main house) out of the line of sight of the two lodges.  Flowers for the candidates are encouraged.  Most importantly, follow the directions of the Angels.


We plan to sing two songs: DeColores and The Mañanita song.  Words to the songs will be provided, and musicians are encouraged to bring their guitars.


The community will depart immediately after the two songs.  Tradition has been for the community to depart the Morning Prayer and join-up with friends for breakfast at a local restaurant.


Ground rules:


No costumes


No photography


No co-mingling with the candidates


Looking for help from the community. I received a call from a Cursillista in Northern Virginia and she is looking for an article that appeared in the Ultreya Magazine in September 1978, " Getting a New Start Personal Commitment to Christ".  She found the 1st page in her father's items but is missing the last page and would like it for Lent, says it is a 30 day individual retreat.  Also she is wondering if anyone can help find out what year her father John Connelly made is Cursillo, he is from NORVA but she thinks he made his weekend in Richmond in the 60's.






Ellen Herod


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Lisa Aberle4th Friday Ultreya
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