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In light of the current situation with the nation and under the directive of National, we have canceled our Men’s Weekend for April 2020 and the Women’s Weekend for July 2020.


 Our next Ultreya scheduled for April 24, 2020, at St. James in Hopewell is also canceled.


If you are a sponsor for a candidate for either of these weekends, please work with your candidate and Ellen in rescheduling them for a later weekend.




We are prayerful that our Men’s Weekend in October 2020 is still a go.


 We pray that all are well and practicing the guidance published by our leadership. We are now more than a couple of weeks into this new practice of social distancing and pray that it is the right thing and will end when the time is right.




I am sure that this newfound “social distancing” will affect our community as we begin to gather for events in the future. Being a community of huggers, it will take time before we are comfortable with the level of personal contact we have become accustomed to when we meet. For some, it will return quickly and for others, maybe never. So we ask that we all be respectful of others and their personal space now and when we begin to gather as a community.


 Peace And DeColores,




As many of you know, Mary and Dan Martin will be leaving us next week to move to Florida. We would like to have a farewell from the Cursillo community. With space restrictions and social distancing this is what we have decided. At Woodlake there is an aquatic center with a parking area close to the Woodlake pavilion. Google the Woodlake Aquatic Center to see the exact location. The path next to the aquatic center pools goes right to the pavilion area. If everyone is wearing their masks, Mary's group reunion decided the area is big enough to spread out so people are at least 6-8 feet apart.  If people arrive at 7 pm on Friday, May, 15th and spread out on the grassy area, Mary and Dan will sit on one of the picnic tables.  I will supply a basket for palanca for Mary and Dan to read en route to FL. It will be something for them to enjoy in their new home and before they form a new group of friends.  Mary requests letters only since flowers and plants would not survive the several day trip to FL. Feel free to bring a battery operated votive candle and when we sing DeColores @ 7:30-7:45 everyone could light their candle.  Battery-operated only since it is a forested area and we do not want to get in trouble. Also remember we need to keep our distance from each other or the police will come and send everyone home!




Feel free to invite any Epiphany parishioner who is not a Cursillista and would want to say farewell and ask that person to write Dan and Mary a note to take with them.  I cannot stress enough what Mary said, " No gifts as they will already have their cars filled to the brim." Thank you for your participation in this event to recognize Dan and Mary for their leadership in our Cursillo community.


    Kathy Haut



I am making another appeal for return of the brown Cursillo manuals.  I have received 22 manuals back so far.  That means there are still at least 18 manuals out in the community some where.  We will have weekends again, hopefully not too distant in the future.  When we do we will need enough manuals to equip two teams at a time.  If we don't get the manuals back, we will have to purchase new ones at a cost of $21 each.  So if you have ever been on a team, please search your closets, bookshelves, etc.  Your cooperation is greatly appreaciated.

If you do have one, contact me at (804) 397-0025 to arrange for me to pick it up.

Thank you & DeColores,

Russell Titone


The signature statue of Joseph and young Jesus from Shalom House is available to anyone who might want it (free).  Any interest?  Your front yard, your parish, especially at Sacred Heart or St. Johns for future Cursillos?  

 Don't let this iconic greeter for many many Cursillistas on Weekends disappear.  Contact Frank at Shalom House (804) 883-6149


Hello all, we still need a witness for our March Zoom Ultreya.  It's scheduled for Friday, March 19th.  Don't be shy, everyone's story is important.  You never know how you may change someone's life or give them the boost they need at that particular time.  Please pray on it and if the Spirit moves you, contact me at

Thank you and DeColores,

Russell Titone


If you are interested in this statue, please contact Frank at Shalom House (804) 883-6147.  I was not given any more information other than he is looking for a home for it.

Thank you,



To everyone who has expressed an interest in this statue, I apoligize for the inconvience.  I was asked to get a notice out to see if anyone was interested in it and if so to contact Frank at Shalom House.  That is all I was told.  I've tried to contact the individual who asked me to send out the notice but, have been unable to do so.  I will keep trying and if I get any more information, I will send it out right away.  Thank you for your patience.


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